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One of my true passions is to collaborate with other film makers on their projects in all areas of the dramaturgical process. My other true passion is performance (I have studied and worked as an actor).  I work with film makers who are collaborating with non-professional actors to assist them in creating unique approaches to unlock rich performances.

Recent artists and film makers I have worked with include Eugenia Lim,  Ian Purnell, Olivia Martin-McGuire, and Jennifer Rainsford.

I mentor film makers through various mentoring programs including; Filmnetzwerk mentorship program Berlin, the Scottish Documentary Institute and the Australian International Documentary conference, as well as mentoring on a one-to one basis.

I give experiential workshops to film makers and film students on directing, hybrid film making and performance in documentary film. Institutions I have collaborated with include IF/THEN shorts program/ Field of Vision, AFTRS, Scottish Film Institute and Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF.

I have been in a long standing collaboration with Narrative Therapist Poh Lin Lee since we made ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS together in 2018. We offer workshops that bring together ideas from narrative therapy and film,  to explore non extractive approaches of making films.

Get in touch for information on story consultancy, offering a workshop or engaging as a mentor.
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