Gabrielle Brady | Work
Gabrielle Brady is an Australian filmmaker who creates and directs documentary hybrid films.
filmmaker, film, documentary, artist, video, Christmas Island, Mongolia, Berlin, Tribeca
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10 minutes/ short experimental documentary/ 2021/ Commission for Prototype experimental film.

Director & Montage

A short experimental film that explores the ruins of a settlement on a remote island. A collector searches futilely for artefacts that can tell him more about the people who used to live there. A daughter speaks about the painful loss of her father who was forced to leave under the veil of colonialism and imperialism. A short experimental film made for the Prototype experimental film platform in partnership with the Australian Centre of Moving Image.


11 min/ Single channel/ 2020 Commission for Art Gallery NSW

Director, Cinematography & Montage

Filmed in the South Gobi community closest to Mongolia’s largest mining operation, this video art moves through the hazy and barren landscape to encounter people and wild animals in search for water after the last river has run dry.

River Undain is a meditation on tending and remembrance. As the camera roves over a desiccated, lunar landscape, camel herders evoke a lost waterway which sustained life in the desert for millennia.


(In development)

Writer & Director

2021, 90 minutes

A hybrid documentary film that explores the forced migration of a nomadic community in Mongolia.

‘Devastated to discover their entire livestock suddenly killed overnight, traditional Mongolian herders Anktuya and Dorji are forced to move to the cities ger districts. In grappling with the realities of this new world cut off from nature, the ruptures within their relationship and themselves begin to grow’.


Director, Writer & Co Producer

2018, 90 minutes

Official Website

On an isolated island in the Indian Ocean, land crabs migrate in their millions from the jungle to the sea. The same jungle hides a high-security detention centre where thousands of people have been locked away indefinitely. Their only connection to the outside world is trauma counsellor Poh Lin Lee. ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS is a hybrid documentary that moves between the natural migration and the chaotic and tragic migration of the humans, which is in constant metamorphoses by the unseen decision-making structures.

FEATURING:  Poh Lin Lee, Poppy Floret, Arthur Floret, Christine Cummins, anonymous participants

AWARDS: Best Documentary Film Tribeca Film festival 2018, Buyens-Chagoll Award Visions Du Reel 2018, Grand Jury Prize Mumbai Film Festival, Human Rights Award IDFA, Award for Best Documentary Crested Butte Festival, Best Documentary Film Adelaide Film Festival, Best Documentary Film Valetta Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival Mercurious Award.

FESTIVALS: Tribeca film festival 2018, Visions Du Reel 2018, Valetta Film Festival, Edinburgh Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Doc Aviv Film festival, RIDM Film Festival, Camden International Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Docaviv Film Festival, Make Dox International Film Festival, Valladolid International Film Festival, This Human World (Austria), Athens International Film Festival, Antenna International Film Festival, DOK Leipzig (Germany), Reykjavík IFF, Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival (Florence), Stronger Than Fiction (Australia), Lemesos International Film Festival (Cyprus), Take One Action Film Festival (Scotland), Duhok International Film Festival (Kurdistan), Calgury International Film Festival, FIFIG Festival (France), DocYard Screening (Cambridge, Boston), Inconvenient Film Festival (Lithuania), New Zealand International Film Festival, BIAFF (Georgia), Free Zone Festival (Belgrade), GZDOC (China), Kasseler Dokfest (Germany), Dhaka International Film Festival (Bangladesh), Tallin Black Nights Film Festival (Estonia).

PRODUCED BY: Chrosmom Film Germany, Third Films UK, Echotango Australia, Various Films Germany, British Film Institute, WDR  &  Gabrielle Brady


Director, Writer & Co Producer

2017, 20 minutes

Watch the film

This short documentary film follows Poh Lin Lee in her work as a trauma counsellor working with asylum seekers being detained on the remote Christmas Island. The film was made in collaboration with the Guardian Documentary series and is a uniquely distinct short film adaptation of ISLAND OF THE HUNGRY GHOSTS.


PRODUCED BY: Gabrielle Brady, Alex Kelly, Charlie Phillips (The Guardian)


Director, Writer & Cinematography

2014, 20 minutes

Static Miracles: An official term in Cuba used to describe the houses that have almost collapsed, but are left standing. Milagro is the only resident left in a decaying inner-city apartment block in Havana Cuba. As her house begins to fall down around her, Milagro spends her days phoning the state housing department and praying to various gods for a solution that may never arrive.


Director, Writer, Camera, Editor
2013, 15 minutes

Los pantalones rotos is the story of a family who sleep together in the same small room, yet share a silent existence as they struggle to find connection.

Isolated in the mountains of the Sierra Maestra in Cuba live 40-year-old Ariel and his parents. While Ariel attempts to find connection through his music, the poetry of his songs reveal the deep pain of his existence. This short film was made as part of the Sierra Maestra video project at the EICTV film school Cuba and was filmed in just 3 days.